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Monday, April 30, 2012

Great Finds - Etsy Chandeliers

I love Etsy. I could spend hours browsing through all of the wonderful handmade and vintage items and my daily "etsy finds" is always a treasure trove. It's wonderful that home businesses and small scale independent designers can use the site to market their goods around the world. You could literally furnish an entire apartment only with Etsy items if you so desired.

Today's Etsy Finds email had a "shop chandeliers" link and I couldn't help myself. Take a look at some of these wonderful finds. The name of the item and seller (exactly as their store name is written on Etsy) for each are noted in the caption of the image. Enjoy!

Ella Plastic Bottle Chandelier - SarahTurnerEcoDesign
Wood Pallet Chandelier 12 Bulb by typewriterboneyard
Brass Chandelier by moolights
Aluminum Leafed Pendant Bubble Chandelier by PELLEshop
24k Gold X-Large Bubble Chandelier by PELLEshop
Continued Small Chandelier by ReMainDesigns
Claylight Cluster by lightexture
5 Chunk Modern Pendant Chandelier by dylangrey
Custom Upcycled industrial pipe chandelier by hammersheels
Vinyl Record Chandelier by TheLightStore
Steamlight Quartet by lightexture
Industrial Chic Chandelier by urbanchandy
Cervantes wine barrel Chandelier by StilNovoDesign
Orbits Urban Chandelier by StilNovoDesign
Summer's Glow by BootsNGus

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