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To restore to life, vigor, or a former better state using ingenuity and imagination.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Inspiration - Rooms for Sunning

In my previous post I talked about how one of my must haves for the home renovation was adding a sunroom looking out into the back yard. Here are some of the rooms that inspired me.

Credit: 25 Beautiful Homes Magazine
Credit: unknown via Decorpad
Credit: Massucco Warner Miller
Credit: Turner Davis Interiors

Credit: Timothy Whealon
Credit: Country Homes and Interiors Magazine

Credit: Meridith Baer

Credit: unknown source via tumblr

Credit: Shelton Mindel & Associates

Credit: Drake Design Associates

Credit: Tim Street-Porter

Credit: unknown source

Credit: unknown source

Credit: unknown source

Credit: Kara Mann

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